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Expander Turbines

Traditional Multistage Expander Turbines – Drawbacks

Conventional expander turbines need to operate at very high speeds and require multiple expansion stages to reach high power and efficiency. As the gas expands, the pressure drops requiring more sets of larger and larger blades. This leads to the familiar cone shape and drastically increases the complexity, cost, size, weight and part count.

The Vengeance Turbine Solution

Multistage Expansion in a Single Stage Unit

Here, you can see the obvious benefits:

  • simplicity
  • fewer parts
  • smaller size
  • very long expansion strokes
  • higher torque at lower speeds
  • does not require oil lubrication
  • unlimited expansion ratio capability
  • lower operating and maintenance costs
  • lower manufacturing, materials, assembly and distribution costs
  • on demand throttling ability -not an option with conventional turbines
  • more expansion into the “wet vapor zone” which destroys conventional turbines
  • more exposed Vane surface area providing maximum force and torque as the pressure drops
  • cooler exhaust and faster condensation, putting less strain on closed-loop condenser arrays
  • smaller and cheaper condenser arrays for closed-loop Rankine (steam) cycles or ORCs
ECU Pulse Detonation

Internal Combustion (2, 4, 5 Stroke), Compression Ignition

External Combustion: Brayton cycle, Stirling Cycle, Pulse Detonation Wave

Fuels: Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, Natural Gas, Propane, Ethanol, Dimethyl Ether

Zero Carbon fuels : Ammonia, Hydrogen, Oxy-Hydrogen, Hydrazine, Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydraulic Motors


The unique torque multiplying effect of our turbine engines also applies to our hydraulic motors, providing extremely high torque and direct shaft power at very low speeds.  No gearboxes required!
Our hydraulic motor units offer robust performance with competitive pricing and reliability compared to traditional motors.



We reconfigured our turbine engine as a back-torque reducing compressor with distinct advantages over traditional compressors.  Less input power is needed to generate high output pressures without a gearbox. Our design flexibility allows for various compression ratios. New patents issued & pending.


*NEW* -under construction-

As with our fully customizable Compressor designs, our new Pump designs feature very high volumetric flow rates in a compact design with lower speeds, increasing efficiency. The wide open port valveless design minimizes flow restrictions, preventing turbulence and fluid cavitation at the inlet.